The Truth About the Keto Diet?

Keto Diet is a low-carbohydrate, moderate protein and high in healthy fats diet that will provide you with benefits of weight loss and great physical performance. 

Ketogenic diet When you are eating something rich in carbohydrates, your body will produce glucose and insulin. Since glucose is being used as primary energy, fats are not needed and are therefore stored in the body. Normally on a normal high carbohydrate diet, the body will use glucose as the prime source of energy. By reducing carbohydrate intake, the body is induced into a state known as ketosis.

“Keto” is one of the effective ways of losing fats and leading an energetic life BUT!

There’s nothing more helpful than a premium, 100% organic supplement as a Ketogenic solution that will help to burn your excessive fats daily and give your energy.

Keto Diet Along Niwali Tejocote Root

Any Ketogenic diet plan that is advised with Tejocote root by qualified health experts will give real results within days! They will select the foods for you and personalize the diet with your health profile, eating habits and tastes.

While we are trying to lose weight the excessive carbohydrates are certainly not good for the body to burn fat as they result in the release of glucose and insulin, which are the main causes of diabetes. Usually, glucose is used as the primary source of energy, but the fats released from a carbohydrate diet get stored in the body.

This is why a high-carbohydrate diet for days will make you fat and might cause diabetes. So, when you start intaking a low-carb diet, your body is put into a metabolic state called Ketosis. This is the most balanced state where fats from the diet as well as those existent in the body are burnt for energy.

What to Consume When You Are On Niwali Tejocote Root Diet?

There are specific foods that you should have along with Tejocote supplement while on Ketogenic diet.

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These are ones containing a very low amount of net carbs. The lower is the net carbs, the better it is for ketosis.

  • Unprocessed meat
  • Fish and seafood
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables that are grown above ground (leafy and green vegetables)
  • High-fat dairy (butter, cheese and cream)
  • Natural fats like olive oil
  • Berries (in moderate amount)

List of the items that you can drink while on the Ketogenic diet.

  • Coffee (with no sweeteners)
  • Tea (with no sweeteners)
  • Red wine (occasionally is permissible)

Having all these items with the Tejocote supplement will well balance the nutritional content in your body, cause steady weight loss and supply enough energy for physical performance.

What is Meant by Custom Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet plans referred by doctors or health specialists vary from person to person, depending on the body type, weight loss goal and health conditions.  Here’s what is meant by custom Keto Diet.

  • A totally personalized diet plan
  • A well-planned nutritional plan for the entire week
  • Special recipes/meals with needed amounts of fats and nutrients
  • Balanced calorie intake for a day
  • Exercises and fitness regime
  • A 100% natural dietary supplement, Niwali Tejocote root that aids in Ketosis
  • Follow-up with the doctor/diet specialist for the subsequent diet plan for maintenance

If Keto diet is your only way out for weight-loss, having Tejocote root supplement will help your body stay in ketosis consistently and control weight gain.

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Why Tejocote Root Supplement is a Chosen Product for Keto Diet?

The Tejocote supplement is a 100% natural product formulated with the extracts of a root and other nutritional ingredients. So, apart from helping you to achieve your weight-loss goal, it will also help to balance your health. Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and fats means less calorie intake by the body and hence less energy. So, it may hamper your body’s capacity to perform physical activities. However, with simultaneous consumption of the supplement along with Ketogenic diet, you can never feel your body tiring out. Tejocote supplement helps to preserve and maintain the energy levels of the body.

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Some other genuine health benefits that you will get with the supplement are elimination of constipation, lower cholesterol, diminishing of feet pain (due to heavy body weight), control arthritis, and toning of muscles.

All in all, the Tejocote supplement will give you visible results in a few days ensuring that you are completing the Ketogenic challenge rightly. From aiding in weight loss management to helping in physical performance and continually enhancing other health aspects, the supplement will assure to the BEST SOLUTION for your Ketogenic diet.